About Modern Soul Sista

Hey ya’ll.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a proud alumna of the illustrious HBCU, Alabama A&M University.  I’m also a proud soror of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated (Z PHI!).  I earned my B.S. in business management, and I’m also studying to earn my M.S. in communication specialist. I’ve always had a passion for media, specifically magazines.  As technology grew, I began to fall in love with blogs, reading them constantly, trying to find more blogs for black women, and struggling to create my own.  Well, here I am, finally finding my voice and not being afraid to share my experience, opinions, and information that I believe will help inspire growth, self improvement, deeper thought, and bring more awareness to our people, especially our women.

I remember growing up, I was subscribed to Seventeen Magazine for two years.  That’s 24 magazines.  Out of 24 magazines only two had African-American women on the covers:  Beyonce and Alicia Keys (who is mixed and does not represent me as a non mixed African-American woman).  I finally became fed up with my subscription with no hair tips for me and nothing that represented me, so I ended my subscription.  When I got into lifestyle blogs, I again had a hard time finding blogs that represented me.  As an African-American millennial woman, I wanted to create a space that could represent us and celebrate us proudly, unafraid to be pro-black in a world that is so anti-black and unafraid to celebrate our natural selves in a world that tells us that our natural state is unacceptable.

On this blog you can expect to find some thought provoking posts regarding race, gender, the portrayal of African-American women and men in the media, natural hair and lifestyle, as well as my life experience as a natural, pro-black woman in America. Expect some things that I say to be controversial.  Expect some of the things I say to challenge the things that we’ve been taught. But most of all, expect a true, genuine love for our sistas.  I am a modern soul sista.  And I have something to say.

If you have something to say too, please join the conversation in the comments. If you’d like to contribute and write for this blog, please review the submit page.

Again, Thank you so much for reading my blog.  I hope you enjoy and walk away with something to think about. Don’t be afraid to stand up, speak out, and be proud of who we are.  I love you all.  Peace.