My Natural Hair Story

Going natural has been one of the best decisions that I’ve made.  It has given me the chance to reflect upon my own beliefs about beauty and my self esteem.  Furthermore, it’s provided an opportunity to practice self love and get to know myself on a different level. It’s also helped propel me into “conscious” thought and began my exploration on religions and spirituality that are African based.  I started my journey in 2010, and I am 6 years happily natural (going on 7 this summer!).  I have had both locs and loose natural hair, and I’ve done two big cops!  Recently, I’ve connected with a fellow naturalista, Vany, over at Miss Coily Hair.  You can read more about my natural hair story on her site, where she asked me a bunch of great questions, and I gave some more insight into my journey and lessons being natural.  I talked about my advice, favorite natural sistas, and what made me go natural.  Make sure you check out my interview here.


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