Election Day Recap

This year I voted in a presidential election for the first time at age 25. In 2008, when President Obama ran the first time, I really wanted to vote but was too young. In 2012 I was “too woke to vote,” and radically into my conspiracy theories. And now, in 2016, I’m more aware of the importance of voting. 
I went to the polls before I went to work. When I arrived there was a man handing out democrat literature “100 feet away” from the building. Then when I got inside the line was so long. It wrapped around two-three hallways. And it was filled with black people. It was beautiful to see this long line of our people exercising our right. I didn’t want to stand in line for a long time,  but I was not turning back. It was exciting, and I felt good to be apart of the voting process. I had been following the election since last year, watched debates for the primaries, and then educated myself on other candidates running as well. I went to the booth knowing who I was voting for and feeling pretty well informed. 

But I was wrong. I found myself looking at a sea of names I didn’t know. I knew about senate and congress, but I didn’t know about circuit court judge and other offices. I felt disappointed a little bit, like I failed to educate myself as a voter, but now I know for next time. I did vote a black woman for circuit judge though. There was also different amendments to the state constitution and different city financing matters to vote for. I voted yes to put money into the libraries in my county! 

When I woke up I saw that Donald Trump won. I found everyone’s responses to be comical. It’s not the end of the world. Nobody who’s not already picking cotton is gonna have to pick cotton. And Jesus is not coming back. On a more serious note, It’s not independent and Green Party voters’ fault that Hillary didn’t win. She didn’t own people’s votes. Everybody didn’t think she was the best candidate. Assuming that our votes would automatically go to her if we didn’t vote green or libertarian is ridiculous. And the thought to just vote for her just because she is democrat or just to beat Trump is crazy to me. I didn’t want either of them and my vote showed that. 
Anyway, this post wasn’t made to get deep. I’m tired of the election talk and politics by now. I just wanted to share my experience voting for the first time. Thanks for reading. How was your voting experience? 


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