My Introduction To Tarot

I was an afraid, emotional mess when I got my first tarot reading in Fall/Winter 2014. Of course I had seen tarot in movies, tv, and Barnes and Noble, but this was the first time I personally had an encounter with it. I came to a point in my life where I had to make the hardest decision I’d ever faced. I needed guidance and assurance. When I got my reading done it served as a confirmation of what I already knew, but wasn’t really ready to face or accept.  I hated the situation I was in, but it guided me through it and out it. It empowered me to really go within and make the necessary decision for myself. Deep down I already knew what was presented to me in my reading, and the reading helped me connect with it, face it, and know that there was light in my darkness.   After I got my first reading, I knew that it was something that I could, wanted, and should do for myself.

As time went on after my reading, I began to think about my life, my love for “new age” things, and how I’ve always been interested in things of this sort. One night I was laying in bed and really felt like I was psychic lol. I recalled a time where I was in a competition that had a state, regional, and national level. On each level, the night before they announced the winners, I had a dream about who won. On each occasion, my dream was true. This really made me feel like reading cards was definitely something I could do. I finally got my first deck in Spring 2015.

We done been through some thangs lol

My experience with tarot is that is serves as a confirmation, a connection to your intuition.  It’s also helped me stay inspired and motivated throughout my days. “The cards never lie.”  Beyonce said that in Carmen.  And for me, it’s been true. It really gives me a deeper insight into who I AM, and stay in tune with what I know is right for me, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. I use tarot to help guide me through life and help heal my self emotionally. I’ve consulted the cards on several occasions to gain clarity and insight about my emotions, my relationship, school, money, moving, and friendships. From spending time with my cards, I’ve learned that it isn’t necessarily a predictor of the future how the movies portray. It’s a tool of connecting to our inner beings, confronting our shadows, showing us the path that we are currently on, the energies and shifts that occur in your life that are beyond our control,and how we can maneuver by seeing the possible outcomes of our current situation based on our decisions. The future is dependent on the present and our actions, therefore it can always change.

I consider myself an intuitive tarot reader.  Messages come through me. I just do what is natural to me.  Every day I’m still learning more and more, and I’m so glad to have started my journey almost two years ago.

I absolutely love reading for people, and it gives me so much joy to be able to do so. I’ve read for family, friends, and even strangers who didn’t speak English. If you’d like a reading click here to view the different options I have.



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