DIY Natural Hair Growth Oil

This past weekend I decided to delve into making my own hair growth oil.  I remember I looked on the back of one of my Dark n Lovely hair products, and it said it was flammable! While I do LOVE natural hair products in the stores, I know that they aren’t always good for my hair.  Plus, it’s always fun to see what I have in my kitchen and new ways to use them!  Here’s a recipe for an easy hair growth oil for your natural hair!

What you will need

Grapeseed Oil–  This oil is good for hair because it contains vitamin E, which helps retain moisture and is necessary for hair growth.  It also helps with dandruff.

Dandelion Root–  Dandelion root comes from those little yellow flowers we call weeds.  Along with the many health benefits when drank as a tea, it also has hair benefits!  Dandelion root has vitamin A, C, and E!  And guess what else!  BIOTIN!!  I know all us naturals know about that biotin and have taken some supplements at some point in our natural hair journeys.  Biotin is known for hair growth!

Echinacea–  Echinacea is the name for flowering plants that come from the daisy family.  It is an herb that is commonly used for its antibacterial and antibiotic healing properties.  This herb helps with hair growth by stimulating blood circulation to the scalp.  That circulation helps your hair grow!  It also fights off dandruff, helping relieve some itchy scalp.

Strainer & Storage–  I used a tea strainer, but you can use anything that has small holes to strain the herb out of he oil.  I stored my oil in a red plastic cup with aluminum foil on the top!  If you want to be bourgie you can always go to the dollar tree (lol) and get a plastic applicator bottle or something like that.


  1. Choose how much oil you want to make.  I used about 1/3 cup.
  2. Heat your oil in a pan or pot on the stove.
  3. Add in one table spoon of dandelion root and one table of echinacea.  Use more herbs if you are using a greater amount of oil.
  4. Put stove on the lowest setter to let simmer.  Leave it on the stove for at least an hour.
  5. Strain into your storage container, and you’re done!

If you want to see how I made it, watch my tutorial video down below.  I’ve also put the links to where I purchased the herbs in the video.  I hope this was helpful for you!  Let me know if you try the oil how and how it works for you!  Remember, just have fun with it!  If you don’t have grapeseed oil, but you have another one, use that!  If you don’t have these herbs, but you have other ones, look them up and see how they work for the hair!  It’s all about being resourceful, learning, and growing throughout our journey.

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