Why Black Lives Don’t Matter

In the midst of all the violence and injustices that black people are going through, we are now in the position of trying to convince the larger American population and government that our lives matter.  For centuries, black people have been traumatized, brutalized, murdered, raped, and forced into inferior, subservient roles in society.   Although it was the hands of our people who built this nation that we are trying to “make great again,” we find ourselves begging for acceptance, mercy, and to be treated like human beings decade after decade.  We think that our lives as black people matter, when really they don’t.  Why?  Because black lives aren’t real. Black people do not exist.

Black is an identity and a culture created out of oppression.  But it is not a race of people.  Black is a made up social status.  And remember, before we were “black” we were colored.  And before colored, negro.  Before negro, nigger (note that I am only referring to our history and titles as it relates to our placement in America.  I’m fully aware that our history did not start here, and we were not previously called niggers before we got here).  See, black is nothing more than a new label used to define the same enslaved status.  When we subscribe to being black, we subscribe to being nothing, because in America, nigger was nothing, and black is the new, politically correct word for nigger.  Furthermore, black has no real nation, no country, no land. There is no black land, so where do black people come from?  Black people are a figment of imagination, with no true home, disconnected from who we really are as African people.

We are not black.  The very title and identity that we hold so dearly, is a title given to us by our oppressors.  Being called black dehumanizes us from the jump, which is why our lives don’t matter. We have been told to be black, and black has its place and role in society.  If we want to become more than black and  matter, we can not identify as only black.  I understand that it’s an identity that has shaped not only me, but just about all of us.  However, we must move ourselves beyond being black, and step into our places as real people, as African people.   Black will always be an inferior position because that’s what it was created to be in this system.  Black lives will never matter because it was never meant to matter. That’s the way it was set up.

There’s a reason why they have never called us by our true names since they’ve enslaved us.  There’s a reason why we are so bent upon being black and not African.  African is real.  Black is not.  We are not supposed to have the connection to who we really are.  Black keeps our consciousness down.  Black keeps us ignorant to our true potential and place as the original people, mothers and fathers of civilization, and our god status.

It’s okay to identify with and love the culture that we’ve created while in the position of black.  However anybody can identify as black.  Look at Rachel Dolezal, for example.  Black is simply an identity and social status.  Not a race, and most definitely not a people.  As long as we remain black, our lives will never matter.

Because black has been so ingrained into our identity and who we are as a people, I know I will receive a lot of disagreement over this and perhaps make some people upset.  How dare I take away our identity or say that we aren’t black?  So, I will be doing more posts to continue  expounding on race,  what it means to be black and what black is, among other things regarding race and gender.  I’d love to hear your feedback, comments, opinions, and any information that you have.  Join this conversation, comment, and share as we fight for not only our lives, but for a better role in society and a real identity as real people.  Until next time, As Salaam Alaikum.


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